Customer Information Portal

Due to changes in the Norwegian regulations concerning measures against money laundering and terrorist financing, and the implementation of the European Union's 4th Anti-Money Laundering directive (AML 4), we are obliged to update information and identification details on our customers.

Filling in a digital customer profile

To update your information, we kindly ask you to fill in our digital customer profile by following the links on the right hand side of this page. To log in, please use your customer number, which you can find in the letter we have sent you. Please be advised that all tabs and fields must be filled in. It is important that the form is filled out electronically and not by paper to make sure that all our customer information is updated and correct.

Why is this important?

Please be advised that we could be prevented from executing transactions related to your customer relationship, cf. the anti-money laundering law (hvitvaskingsloven) section 21, if we do not receive the updated customer information.